MCM biomarker shows over 90% sensitivity for detection of bladder cancer; poster presentation at AUA'17, Boston

Mr. Kasra Saeb-Parsy BSc, MB BS, AFHEA, FRCSEd (Urol), Consultant urologist, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust presented results of a 275-patient multi-centred UK clinical trial at this year’s AUA’17 in Boston. These revolutionary results, together with additional supporting data are now available to be viewed [HERE]

The study shows the MCM assay achieves a sensitivity of 95.8% and specificity of 91.7% in the gross hematuria clinic and 92.3%/80.3% in the surveillance clinic. These results highlight Cytosystems’ ground-braking technological developments and is catapulting clinical validation of the company’s new improved user friendly test.